2015 Competition

The 2015 competition was a success! Videos and photos can be seen on our Facebook page so check that out. We got 3rd place braking design and we are still waiting on our overall results.

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Skis are complete

We have chosen our final concrete mix design from the five design mixes. Last weekend we made the final skis for our design! Now we are just waiting to hear back from machine shops so we can get our frame construction on the go. Everything is coming together!

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The Website Has Returned!

With a little struggle, we have our website back and up to date!

Now for an update about the team:
Our theme for this year is going to be GREASE. Yes, the movie. It will be awesome and we are super excited. Concrete test pours are completed and we will be doing our final ski pour in two weeks. The frame design is nearly complete! Everything is on track and we are looking forward to the competition in Kelowna!

Also, for all you twitter folks, follow us!


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Next Years Theme Chosen!

“Sir Lancelot the Brave”, “Sir Galahad the Pure”, and “Sir Robin the not quite so brave as Sir Lancelot, nor so Pure as Sir Galahad” have trotted to Dal to aquire a legion to search for the 2012 Holy Grail!

Will you aid in the search?

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Footage of our run

Here is footage of Dalhousie’s toboggan on race day. Due to unforeseen events and an icy track conditions the toboggan did not perform as expected. Better luck next year!

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The crate’s noble return

The crate is expected back some time next week during reading week.  This means:

  • The techs may or may not be there.
  • We may or may not have access to the Heavy Structures Lab.
  • We may or may not have access to the crane.
  • We may or may not have to unload the crate outside and bring everything in piece my piece.

In any of these cases, we need your help!  So, who’s around next week?  The more the merrier.

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Back to real life

If you’ve seen the post before this, you probably assumed that I was going to do a post a day of the event.  That was indeed the plan, but it didn’t happen.  There was just too much awesome going on!  I was able to snap a fair amount of pictures.  I’ll post them as soon as I can, but this silly thing called work keeps getting in the way!

On that note, to the team: Remember to send me (dalgnctrsec@gmail.com) any and every picture you took over the trip.  We’re looking to get the sponsors’ thank you package ready ASAP, and put together the “Any time” recruitment poster campaign in time for the T-Room night coming up.  (If you have no idea what poster campaign I’m talking about, e-mail me and I’ll fill you in!)

The organizing committee and other teams will be posting lots of pictures and videos on their own websites and through mediums like Facebook and Youtube over the coming weeks so be sure to check those out too!

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